Tip 6: Automate admin

Automate admin

Time spent on admin is wasted time. Non-profits can’t afford for people to waste their time. Admin isn’t for humans.

What percentage of your time is spent on admin? Think of activities like:

  • Chasing spreadsheets
  • Updating spreadsheets
  • Producing reports
  • Moving data (words, numbers, files) from one place to another
  • Putting that Facebook post on LinkedIn
  • Creating 10 versions of the same image in different sizes
  • Creating presentations from existing information
  • Making meeting notes
  • Trying to find the right bit of information
  • Chasing for updates
  • Checking schedules and adding things to calendars
  • And many more classics…

So, what percentage of your time is spent doing this sort of thing? What is the value of that time to your organisation if it were spent doing something else? Extrapolated across your organisation, what does this admin effort cost?

Luckily, all of the above can be completely automated, for a tiny fraction of the cost. We’re happy to chat about the best way to get started.