New SSAFA website features

SSAFA, the armed forces charity

We’d like to share some updates we’ve made to the SSAFA website, all designed to make the experience even better. SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, is dedicated to supporting veterans and their families, and these enhancements will help us serve them better. So, what’s new?

Listen Up: AI Text to Speech

Ever wished you could listen to articles instead of reading them? Well, now you can. We’ve introduced a new AI Text to Speech feature, powered by PlayHT, that turns written content into lifelike audio. This means you can enjoy articles, hands-free, while doing other things. It provides obvious accessibility benefits for anyone with visual impairments too.

Easier Volunteering with Assemble

Finding the perfect volunteer opportunity just got easier. You can now link directly from SSAFA volunteer listings to the vacancy on the Assemble website. While the first phase of this feature is manual, it’s a big step towards making the process smoother and a game-changer for anyone looking to lend their time and skills to SSAFA.

More Events and Activities

We’ve given the events section a major makeover. Whether you’re into runs, concerts, community gatherings, or challenge events, finding what you’re looking for is easier than ever. Each event type has its own dedicated page, complete with list and map views, so you can find events near you or explore what’s happening elsewhere. Plus, we’ve added new styling, travel information, clearer pricing, registration details, and an FAQ section to help you get all the info you need.

Custom Forms for Custom Needs

We’ve also added Umbraco forms, giving us the flexibility to tailor questions and formats without needing a developer. This means the charity can better gather the information they need, whether you’re signing up for an event, volunteering, or seeking support. And, of course, all this data flows seamlessly into existing processes, ensuring SSAFA can serve you efficiently and effectively.

Why These Enhancements Matter

These updates are more than just website improvements; they’re about making interaction with SSAFA as smooth and enjoyable as possible. By making information more accessible, simplifying the volunteer sign-up process, offering more events, and upgrading data capture, we’re ensuring that everyone who comes to SSAFA feels welcomed, supported, and valued. These changes help the charity better fulfil their mission to provide lifelong support to our Forces and their families.

Check out the SSAFA website to see these enhancements in action. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who’ve served.